Disney Give Away!

In celebration of hitting 2k followers, I’ve decided to have a Disney Give Away! You must be following me and reblog this post (as many times as you want). Likes don’t count! I will randomly pick a winner on May 10th 2013. For more details go here.

Winner will get:

  • A Perry Whoopee Cushon plushie (yep, he’s got a whoopee cushion in him)
  • A Classic Mickey plushie
  • A Candlehead Sugar Rush Scented plushie
  • 3 Disney vinylmations
  • A collection of Disney memory items
  • Disney 40th aniversary book
  • A scrapbook filled with my own Disney photography
  • A small sketchbook of my own Disney sketches
  • A Mickey Mouse necklace
  • A Disney DVD of their choice
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